Blue Tree

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Check back soon for 2017 Dates and Location.


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BlueTree Camp is looking for someone to partner with us and support the program from us and to continue our long tradition of all-girl summer creative arts programming as well as being a place for all girls to have a safe, secure environment to grow, make friends, learn, and become stronger, more empowered young women.  If you are interested in partnering with this fine program please call us at 718-237-8757 our BlueTree office awaits your call!

Blue Tree is a creative arts summer program just for girls.  Girls (7th to 12th graders) pick from two of our course offerings for their classwork and enjoy a fun variety of evening activities.  We take over an entire building on the campus of Bryn Mawr College just for us! We have access to all of the campus amenities including the pools, dining halls, rec center, student center, book store, athletic center, coffee house and much more.

For their daily academic work, during the registration process girls choose from two classes from the list of classes offered.  The day is divided up so that they take class periods in each of their chosen classes.

Blue Tree is about doing something new you’ve always wanted to try, or exploring your favorite subject in a different way. It’s about living on a college campus, meeting new people, and learning from fabulous teachers and counselors.

Blue Tree girls are creative and enthusiastic. They are ready to explore fresh ways of thinking and give shape to fantastic new ideas.

One of our students last year said it best in her survey.  She wrote:

“Blue Tree isn’t really about the classes.  It’s about the people.  I loved the staff.  And I made so many friends.  I hope to be friends with these people forever!  The campus is so cool, and it was a great place to be.  I loved that we had our own dorm, and the building is really fun.  I loved the trip to Dorney Park.  And I loved walking to Starbucks with my RA.  Yes the classes were cool and I learned a lot.  But I learned more about myself.  I can’t wait for next year!”